Friday, December 18, 2015

History of Crusades

What promoted the Crusades and how they happened written in the world history based on certain point of views and interests? If you see the history of Crusades based on Christianity point of views, then you will find facts about more justifications of holy wars in the name of their religion and due to Islam conquest. 

Crusades in the eye of Christianity 

Who did promote the wars and what is the truth behind it? The pope Urban II was the one who promoted the wars and commanded all warriors, kings and in the North Europe to follow in the holy journey. The journey was similar to the pilgrim to the holy land. According to Karen Amstrong in “History of God,” the first Crusaders were triggered to see the wars as the pilgrim to the holy land. The wars were to avenge the Christ death in Middle East land, the land of unbelievers. During the journey they intended to kill all Jews around the Rhine Valley. They did not know who Muslims were, the enemies they had to destroy in the name of religion. Thus, some of Christian scholars until these days are still researching the facts and collecting the proofs on wars to justify the misconception of Crusades and furthermore to clarify that the early Crusaders and next generation of crusaders did their duty based on their faith not for the sake of wealth and other interests.
They want to clarify all the wrong perception that Crusaders destroyed Muslim civilization in Middle East and left it in ruins for centuries and the Muslims were exactly the victims. In the eye of Christianity, Crusades were actually defensive wars to defend their Christian lands from Islam conquests. You can see the documentary of Crusades in many versions, one of which is The Crusaders, produced by BBC.

The truth behind Crusades
In the eleventh century or around 1096-1099, according to Karen Armstrong the first generation Crusaders signified the Auckflarung or namely The Era of Darkness. Otherwise, in the same ear, Muslim civilization was more advanced than Western civilization. As Baghdad and even Cordova, Muslims land in Europe were the centers of the world culture and civilization at that time, where you can find early books of many important science and inventions written in those cities, and the Crusaders also got a bunch of the knowledge from their expedition. The Christians from North Europe tried to exist in international history, and Saxon, Anglican and Frank were stagnant. They love to wars and considerably as barbarian Christians. The popes from Benedictine Churches tried to make conjunction that the expedition was like the pilgrim to the holy land; it was the first attempt to take a revenge on the Christ death. Along the journey to the unbeliever lands or Middle East, they committed the horrible slain over Muslims and Jews that anyone never have imagined before. Thus, the history recorded that Crusaders were the slayers of Muslims and Jews. Before that era, Muslims and Christians were never in battle. Today, the modern Crusaders are perceived as the wars against Islamist terrorists. While the terrorists can have any religion, and some even identify they have no religion. The 11th September bombing triggered the spirit of modern Crusaders. They blamed Muslims in a generalization as the terrorists. In other hand, the crusaders were blamed as the barbarian Christians that committed the brutal slain over a number of Arabic named, Muslims and Jews in the name of Christ.